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By the company ANEA, we present a specific program, the perfect combination of Spanish learning in nature (central Pyrenees in Spain) and recreational activities (hiking, swimming,...) can offer. Our Spanish course for young people is suitable at the age of eighteen.The program includes Spanish lessons in small groups (15 per lesson) the teaching are distributed in theory and practice (activities, games).  There are recreational activities (swimming, hiking, trekking, to rest, learning, Touristik...etc) also there are tours to visit villages and towns, such as for example the beautiful town Jaca, which is a reference point for the Pilgrim's way.



ANEA Tiempo Libre

Calle Monjas 3
50600 Ejea de los Caballeros
Zaragoza (SPAIN)



The place is located in the nature, surrounded by mountains and valleys. The central Pyrenees are very well known, especially in the summer because many families and groups enjoy the holiday here.Both the Spanish and the French visit this region. Visitors to donate their time with sports, hiking, climbing, skiing...In the winter, five offers the central Pyrenees Skianlagen.It is a wonderful region!

Have lose this chance not out of sight to learn Spanish in the Pyrenees!

For father information about the village Canfranc:



Accommodation Youth Hostel of Rio Aragon in Canfranc Estación:

Hostel is located in Canfranc, next to the international station Canfranc.The new hostel was opened in June 2012. Hostel meets all desires of the visitors for the modern, everyday life even though there is surrounded by mountains. The hostel has a cosy and friendly atmosphere, because she can offer only 36 beds. All rooms are equipped by private bathroom with Dusche:

- Wi-Fi

- furnished room with private bathroom - shower

- T.V.. - rooms

- large living room

- large kitchen dining room 

- washing machine

-to the there distribution Room: 3 rooms for 4 People

                                              1 room for 10 people

                                              1 room for 8 People

More information on the youth hostel at:

More info on Canfranc under:



Paloma: I completed the certificate of "Director of activities for your leisure time". At the beginning of my career, I founded my own company "ANEA". I develop presentations for leisure and for the support of the socio-cultural activities together with other people.


I am passionate about mountains and everything related to nature. When I work with young people in nature, I enjoy my work because I'm doing something that satisfies me.The Pyrenees in Aragon (Spain) offers us the possibility to organize several activities in the outdoors. That's why I travel with (when I have time) in the Pyrenees together my family and friendship to convert, to visit villages with charm, gastronomy to discover...

*Paloma is responsible for the group dynamics so that you can learn Spanish with games.


Noemí: Hello, my name is Noemí. I'm began graduate geologist (one year I graduated Technical University Clausthal-Zellerfeld in Germany with Eramus) My experience in Germany: I worked as a lecturer in Spanish at several VHS. I have completed the following Zertikikate:

- basic qualifications for language teachers in adult education (National Association of adult education centres by NRW E.v.)

- qualification for the end of the course guide (National Association of adult education centres by NRW E.v.)

Because I studied geology and the Pyrenees is located in my State, I travel very often especially on the weekend in the Pyrenees to enjoy the nature. In addition, I have family there.  

* Noemi is responsible for Spanish in the class.


Spanish program:

Summer 2013: from Monday July 22nd through Monday the 29 July 2013

Price: 560 €

* Spanish teaching: 20 hours per Week

4 hours per day (5 days)

distribution of teaching: per day, there are 2 hours Spanish theory and 2 hours of Spanish classes with games and activities (more practical)

* Overnight stay: 7 nights (from 22 July to 29.Juli 2013) in a new youth hostel Canfranc (Spain) "Río Aragón"

full Board: Breakfast lunch dinner (all inclusive)

youth hostel offers the following services: WIFI, a large kitchen (for meals), room with T.V., bathroom with shower in each room

* Activities: free entrance to the swimming pool (2 days) the swimming pool is 10 minutes walk away from the youth hostel.

Visit of Canfranc, Hiking with guide

* Material: photocopies for teaching material for crafts

* Visit the city of Jaca guided tour through the old town and Cathedral

Transport Canfranc - Jaca and Jaca - Canfranc

* Insurance see you the information under: Registration

* Travel (Note: not included in the price) 



Our Spanish course registration is only for two groups (each group with up to 15 participants), so the places are limited. Once these two groups are fully booked, there is no possibility to take part in the course.To participate in our courses must fill out necessarily thoroughly the following data (personal data and stest for Spanish).As soon as we get your personal data and stest, we will contact with you to notify our Bank, so you do a deposit of €200 by bank transfer as registration. Once we receive your deposit (€200), your personal data, and the stest, your place for the Spanish course is reserved.

If the minimum number of participants (15 people) for the Spanish course is reached, the course will be held, and we will contact you to inform you. Then, the next step is the transfer of the remaining amount for the course (€360) to book your seat properly. If we get these second transfer, your registration for the course is fully booked and reserved. In addition we will send you the documentation about your booking of the course by mail or via post.


Important information for you:

ANEA is a Spanish company with more than 14 years Erfahrung.

ANEA designed presentations for leisure and for the support of the socio-cultural activities.  

ANEA is no travel agency and according to the Spanish law, we are not allowed to offer the booking of air tickets for our customers. That is why we recommend that you contact with Mr Guemmouni by the company SUN & FUN TRAVEL, to book a cheap flight ticket, if you receive a message (email or telephone) from us, that enough people are logged on.


We try and for your convenience, we offer to the transportation by bus from airport arrival to Canfranc, and the opposite direction for your departure (Canfranc - airport departure) free of charge for you, whenever the majority of the participants decide on the same day and Airport (*) to arrive.

(*) Here the list of the airports, is which we can offered this transport free of charge for you: list of nearest airports to Canfranc: Bilbao airport, San Sebastian airport, Huesca, Pamplona airport, Pau (France), Zaragoza airport.

Closed airports in Madrid, Barcelona, Gerona and other Spanish airports. If the minimum number of participants for the Spanish course is not achieved on 30 June, the course is not taken place. The course fee of €200 will be returned via wire transfer.

If you wish to cancel your Spanish course (both the pre-registration or deposit of €200 as the registration of €560) necessarily, pay attention to the following and important notes:

-Cancellation between 1 and 14 days before the start of the course:

must be associated with a cancellation fee of 50% of the total amount you pay have to be reckoned.

-Cancellation between 15 and 29 days before the start of the course: must be associated with a cancellation fee of 25% of the total amount you pay have to expect.

-Cancellation up to 30 days before the start of the course: you need with a cancellation fee of 10% of the total amount you pay have to be expected. 


* If you decide not to start the course or not to appear the Checkin (22.07.2013), on the first day you have no right to a refund of the entire amount.

* In case of cancellation within 24 hours before the start of the course you will get only a refund of 10% of the total price.



For your stay during the Spanish course in Spain and for the participation of our course, ANEA a travel health insurance company ARAG has completed for you. This insurance is deliverable in the price.


Nevertheless, we recommend you prior to arrival that you request also European health insurance.For more information on the European health insurance, please visit the following Web sites: